My name is Douglas Pawledge. I started Pawledge Concrete in 1980, and have been serving customers ever since. We are a family owned and operated business with my sons Zeb and Jacob, and Daughter Lora helping with day to day operations.


We specialize in home improvement concrete work, Sidewalks Patios Driveways Foundations. If you need something done around the house that has to do with concrete we can do it, including removal and replacement of your old concrete.


We can also add a single or multi-color to your concrete in combination with a stamped texture to create a one of a kind look, please see examples in photo gallery.

Services We Offer

  • Standard broom finish concrete
  • Salt Finish concrete
  • Posed aggregate finish concrete
  • Colored concrete
  • We can stain your existing concrete with color.
  • We can use bricks as dividers, and around edges to create a unique look.
  • Stamped impressions that resemble stone can be done with single color, or with multi-color combinations that can create a one of a kind custom look.
  • Color flake system comes in a verity of color and is most popular in garage slabs, but can be used for patios, laundry rooms, & bathrooms.
  • We can help with the design of your concrete project.
  • We can move fences and adjust gates to accommodate your new concrete.
  • We can excavate and haul away all dirt and debris.
  • We can remove old concrete and haul away.
  • We can saw cut concrete.
  • We can move sprinklers, make repairs to irrigation lines, & run extra pipes under concrete for future use.



Does Pawledge Concrete give free estimates?

Yes, a simple call to our office and we can set you up for an appointment.

Are you a licensed contractor?

Yes, we have been licensed in the state of California for 39+ years (License: 390440). We are bonded, and carry liability and workers compensation insurance.

What kind of concrete finishes can your company provide? 

Stamped concrete in many patterns, single color, and multi-color finishes,  concrete with brick dividers, broom finish, salt finish, and stained concrete.

Can you help in the design and layout of our concrete project?

Yes we can, and we always like to mark out on the ground with chalk where your concrete will go so you can get a good visual picture before we start.

Can Pawledge concrete remove and replace my cracked and broken concrete? 

Yes, we always haul away all debris necessary to install your concrete project. We will haul dirt, broken concrete, bushes, sod, and make every effort to leave your yard as clean as possible.

Can Pawledge Concrete move sprinklers? 

Yes, we are able to move sprinklers and repair any broken pipes.

Do you repair any broken sprinkler pipes that might happen during the excavation process?

Yes, we do.

Can you saw cut concrete?

Yes, we can saw cut concrete.

Can Pawledge Concrete provide color for concrete project?

Yes, we offer various color options.

How many inches thick will the concrete need to be?

Our standard thickness is 4 inches, which is equivalent to 5 sacks of cement per yard.

Does your company provide reinforcement in the concrete?

Yes, driveways and decorative concrete will have steel rebar reinforcement.

Do you haul away all left over concrete?

Yes, we haul any leftover concrete.

Does your company place gravel under the concrete?

Yes, we provide a barrier of gravel between the concrete and dirt.

Contact Information


You can use the contact form to send us a message, or give us a call.

    Total Projects We’ve Completed

    We have completed over 2900 projects, from small patios to large custom home foundations We take pride in our work and treat every job as if it were our own back yard.

    So whether you are a new customer or one of many repeat costumers give us a call and we can make an appointment or just answer your questions.